Billory Baptist Church History

Billory Baptist Church was founded in 1891 by Rev. J.E. Holley.  The carpenter for the original building was a man by the name of Bill Lowery.  As the story goes, lumber yards would send invoices to him, along with the wood, to be signed.  When Bill would sign the invoices, his signature looked more like Billory and for the longest time, people thought that was his name.  From there, people thought the church was named for him and so was born the name, "Billory Baptist Church."

Things Billory Baptist Church has seen in history:

The establishment of Holley

Electricity and Indoor plumbing in homes

Women's Suffragette Movement giving them the right to vote.


World War I & II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War

The Great Depression

The Civil Rights Movement

Landing a Man on the Moon

The turning of 2 different Centuries

The birth of the internet


Bro. Jeremy Gault

Bro. Jeremy Gault came to Billory Baptist Church in July 2017.  He brings the message and lives by "Enjoying God Together"  During the week he is the Prison Chaplain at the Santa Rosa County Correctional Facility in Milton, FL.  He holds a Masters Degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with an emphasis on Biblical Languages.  He brings a more contemporary style to our church.  Along with his wife, Rachel, and their two kids, Bro. Jeremy is a wonderful and enjoyable addition to the Billory Baptist Church family.